Monday, December 31, 2012

Choose Your Dream

Hello to you from Julie in Australia! I hope your New Year has started with the promise of a great year ahead.

Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people.
 Last year brought crushing pain and incredible sadness to three wonderful people in my life. 
In the spirit of the Susan K. Weckesser Love Campaign I have made each of them a calendar. These have all been created using store bought bases.

Our son and my friends are looking forward to 2013 and to the rebuilding that will happen for each of them. 
On each  calendar I have put places for them to write down a dream, an idea to explore or an experience to discover that is important for them.

In 2013 shattered bodies will heal and sadness and empty hearts will not be so raw.

 My wish for each of them is that they will grow, flourish and become excited by their
 Big Life Dreams.

Each calendar has been made using papers from the Live in Colour Range. Stamps are from the Unity -Susan K.Weckesser Co Branded Range. The funky stencil is by Susan too!

When we take a dream and write it down it becomes a possibility. 
Could you create a gift for someone you know who needs a little daily reminder,
to create and nurture new dreams?

There are so many ways to reach out to others and share the love.


  1. Stunning, beautiful and very thoughtful just like you Julie!!!
    It's a pleasure knowing you.

  2. Love the sentiments in this idea.

  3. Julie, this is truly lovely. It is so nice of you to lighten someone heart, too!!


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