Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Beautiful Girl, Strong Girl

Creating with PanPastels & KuretakeBeautiful Girl

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What a wonderful blessing is it when you feel your heart is full of emotions and then you can take out wonderful art materials and sit down and express what you are feeling through the 'action of art'. There is something that is so fulfilling about sitting down with a color in hand, clearing your mind and just letting your feelings & thoughts flow.

Beautiful Girl 2

For this piece I took out my PanPastels from Colorfin  and my ZIG Memory Writers from Kuretake. I wrote my message with a black ZIG Memory Writer.

Beautiful Girl Eye

I used the PanPastels to create the face. By working in layers I was able to create the illusion of light and dimension.

Take time to do something creative today and see how your heart soars when you do!



  1. WOW! I wish I could paint! I did get to play with PanPastels at Spark though :) Great job my friend!

  2. In awe once more! Beautiful Susan!

  3. Wow.....i am totally and utterly thrilled that i have found a new friend as talented and amazing as YOU!!!!! luv ya', girl.....& miss U.

  4. You gals all ROCK!!!!!!! I love you all very much!!! You don't know how much your kind words and support means to me!xox
    (Jill, I miss ya too! *wink)


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