Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Journey……


The last couple weeks have been really kinda crazy with kiddos getting out of school. My oldest two started new started summer jobs and the other two had fun with summer camps. We have had lots of rain and then lots of heat and even managed to plant a new vegetable garden in our backyard. Now, I find myself trying to make sure I have everything packed and ready for Chicago and the summer CHA, for I leave in a couple of days. I am so excited, but nervous at the same time! I have my gown all made for the Crafty Couture Display and I have made a art piece for the Charity Wings Auction, I think I have everything I need,…I hope! My paper line, my ticket, my passport, my clothes...…good Heavens!

So to relax, I decided to take a break and do what is dear to my heart,……you know it-…… doodling!!!!!!! I pulled out some of my ZIG Memory Writers and just took a moment to relax today. Yup, it helped!

I have been getting some wonderful doodles sent it! Love it! image       image

Check out these doodles by Jeanie Dickinson , aren't they fantastic! You can find her blog at​ .

Keep sending them in and when I get home from CHA some will be getting some of my favourite doodling products.

One last picture for the night of my dear friend… Mr. Oscar. Don't you love his sleeping spot!

Biker Cat



image      image


  1. that is so kind of you to post my does relax....I have been wanting to do it some more....=0) have fun at CHA

  2. Your doodles are simply delightful!:)


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