Thursday, February 3, 2011

CHA 2011 ~ The Adventures of Susan in the BIG city of Los Angeles

20110203_238 (2)

Here is a tale of my first CHA trip….Oh and what a trip was it!CHA 3

The Airplane ride  You have to remember that I have not travelled in 20 years….. so this was really new to me! To start my trip of with a BANG I had to take a small prop airplane from Medicine Hat to Calgary. However I was thrilled when I ended sitting by Rob Schneider (the comedian). I didn't know what to say to him, so I handed him my cameras and asked him if he wouldn't mind taking some pictures for me. He didn't mind and he really was a great guy, even if he couldn't take great pictures at the moment. Okay, the plane was bumpy and it was turning!


After numerous airplane rides…….oh, and hours, I made it to the great city of Los Angeles, in one piece and I never got lost!!!CHA 2

I truly felt like a country mouse in the middle of a great big city!20110203_253I was in the hotel Figueroa and I could not believe how cute and charming it was! Plus, I did not has to share the bathroom with anyone… BONUS!20110203_256 (2)

The first day I learnt my lesson the hard way…. wear comfy shoes: ALWAYS!!!!!!CHA 4 (2)

                        {Donna Downey & Me at the Designer displays}


                              {Leica Forest & Me in front of our hotel!}

At the Show:

I met some awesome people and had such fun time laughing, talking, being creative, and sometimes being plain silly! It was awesome!

CHA 9  The girls from My Brave Girls Booth were so awesome!                                 Crate Paper CHA !0 (2)The work at Crate Paper was so pretty!

7 Gypsies                                  I loved 7Gypsies product & display!     

On the Sunday I had the chance to set up my own designer table. It was fun, even though I wasn't sure what I was doing.


Night Life:

I am not much of a night life person , but I have to admit it was a blast in L.A.  !!! There is so much to see and to do and I really didn't ever feel nervous or afraid for my life!  It really was fantastic because there is always something to do… Check out the picture of L.A. Live below.

 So Cool!!!!

CHA 6       CHA 7


        Even though I didn't have much time to sit outside and enjoy the sun, or to enjoy my new favourite thing in the whole wide world…PALM TREES, because I was too busy with fantastic, productive meetings, L. A. will always hold a dear place in my heart now! I am so grateful that I went and for all the neat creative things I witnessed, and the awesome friends I met up with!CHA 8 (2)

And this was the finally 12 hours of my trip……waiting in a airport, drawing and doodling and thinking of all the creative things I am going to do this year!!!!

{Oh, and worrying about the mechanic that was called to fix the airplane……..What do they say? Oh ya, don't sweat the small stuff!}

~ Susan


  1. Sounds like it was great!!! So awesome that you got to go!!!!

  2. Fabulous review of your adventures at the show

  3. Looks like a wonderful trip to CHA! Glad you had a great time. I tried to signup to the link your sent but wasn't sucessful.


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