Monday, June 14, 2010

Watercolor Paints and Scrapbooking

I love that in the last couple of years scrapbooking has really greatly changed in that there really isn't any rules anymore - 'ANYTHING GOES!" Do you remember a few years back when there were rules or guidelines on how you create a layout, or scrapbook page every time. For example, you were to have a title, a picture, and a write up on every page. I guess if you looked, you could still find rules, but basically, people are generally more opened minded about what they are creating or what they are looking at.
This can be so liberating as a scrapbooker or an artist not to be bound by rules. So why not take advantage of it today and try something you haven't done before like creating your own scrapbook paper.
Watercolor paints can have endless possibilities when creating paper. The paints come in tubes, cakes, or pencils. I had so much fun designing butterflies to fly around my daughter on this layout with watercolor pencils. I then added some bling with some gemstones from Heidi Swapp . Watercolor paints are extremely user friendly, so just draw your pattern first and then have some fun!
                              Keep on Scrappin'

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