Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer House Project Bucket List

Hello all!  Brooke Bock here with my very first project for the Susan K Weckesser design team.  I am thrilled to be a part of it...

I recently finished a summer studio space.  I have clean counter tops which is a rarity for me.  I wanted to create a Summer Bucket list for projects I have for our house and yard and I have the perfect spot picked out on the counter top for it to keep me inspired to get all those projects done.

I started with an old Reader's Digest book that was being discarded at a local book sale.  I removed the cover for another project and then carefully folded each page in half.  This is a great way to enjoy a movie and some inside time when it is hot outside.  Once done, it is so versatile.

Next, stamp your designs using the Tumbleweed Houses set and the Mystery Stamp pad.

Next, color them in. After they are colored, punch out each house.

Here comes one of my favorite tricks. Get out all those lovely Susan K. Weckesser Color Pop Mists and all the images you just punched out.

Ink the edge of each circle.

That one simple step makes them pop.

Next, punch some circles from the Color Burst paper.

Adhere the Color Burst circles to the backs of the house images.  Write each task on a tag.

Next, place them in your book file.  As I complete each task, I turn the tag around.  Having them on the counter top  reminds me of my goals. You could easily adapt this project for any other bucket list.

Brooke Bock...Susan K. Weckesser Design Team Member


  1. very cute. these images are so whimsical.

  2. This is the best project -- I always love creating things with books !! Great job... It makes that To-Do list a bit more fun !!!

  3. Very creative. I love what you did with the stamps. Nice work!


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