Tuesday, April 29, 2014

When in Doubt - Throw it OUT!

Hello everyone... it's a very tired and sweaty Lynne here today - stopping right in the middle of my move to get this blog post done for my last post this term on the Susan K. Weckesser Design Team! As you all know, we are moving off our acreage of thirteen years and into a smaller house, and the experience has made me realize that I keep everything.  And that is because when other people see garbage I see potential and the possibilities.  But over the past 60 days I have had to get rid of, give away, and THROW away a lot of stuff. 
Like a pile of coffee-mate tins that I have been saving (hoarding?) for years because I couldn't bare to throw away something so solid, so well-made - and I knew there was something I could do with them - but I did throw them all away except one - and here it is: a Garbage Tin to sit on top of my new workspace (which I couldn't even label it as "garbage" but had to labeled as "My Leftovers") and which will be a daily reminder for me that "When in Doubt, THROW IT OUT! (Big Giant Smile)

I hope you enjoyed my little project which uses only Susan's Live in Color paper line, mod podge, ink and stickles!)  And I hope you enjoyed ME this term... Thanks for popping by today and do keep on checking in to see what the other design team members are up to!
Your Design Team Member


  1. Well let me say we all have a little hoarding in us if we are crafters...lol
    I love what you did with this container and such a great reminder to keep on your desk!

  2. Such a great Idea!! and would also be cute full of Paper flowers to give as gifts!!!


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