Friday, December 30, 2016

Stamped clips

Hello my dear crafty friends!
Welcome to my new small tutorial made for Susan K Weckesser's blog.
This time I decided to make something for the planners trend. And as I don't even have a planner, but I do use  small notebooks, I made a few stamped clips for my notebooks as dividers.
So here is my tutorial:
1. Stamp Susan's  houses with her Clearsnap ColorBox mini Pop ink in Mystery color twice using co-branded with Unity Tumbleweed Houses stamp set.

2. Color the houses with Susan's other Clearsnap inks in Fresh, Ice, Sky and Kiss colors and as there is no Susan's yellow ink I used another Clearsnap ink in yellow. Don't try to make the best ever coloring and don't afraid to be out of the lines as we are going to cut the houses later.

3. Cut all colored houses and make them 3d using 3d foam glue.
Glue the house over plastic office clips with strong paper to plastic glue.
Use them!


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