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Just over a week ago our oldest kiddo and first son, Christopher got married! He found his princess, Brittany. Isn’t this the BEST picture ever!?!?! I {ADORE} it! If you know my family and I, then you know why! We do tend to have a quirky sense of humour some times. *grin* The last few months have been crazy busy and I have to admit, jammed pack full of emotions. So, I will try not to get tears all over the keyboard as I type. It isn’t that I am sad. I am so thrilled for Christopher because Brittany is such a beautiful and lovely young women…it’s just me. As my Mom in Law says, “ I am close to the water’s edge.”  Good Heavens! I can be doing any task as simple as putting away laundry and it will remind me of a precious memory and the tears will flow! Yup, I brought LOTS of Kleenex to the wedding!

SO, I am going to share with you a  little bit of how much FUN I had with wedding! Maybe TOO much! And I really didn’t do that much. We just had a small Open House here in Medicine Hat. Brittany’s Mom did such a FANTASTIC job putting the reception together in Barnwell, Alberta for the wonderful couple. It was magical! I have lots of pictures, so my comments will have to be point form. I will try not to be too wordy. [NOTE: I said try! lol’']

Invitation Pictures:

I just texted Brittany and asked her if I could share some of these with you. She had a friend take these and I thought they were AWESOME!!! I have been wanting to share them with you for 2 months! Ahh!IMG_4927IMG_4928IMG_4959IMG_5401 (1)IMG_5435

My tasks were pretty easy and fun! Well, besides getting there on time with my family and not to forget anything I had fun creating some things because that is what I love doing! So, I volunteered for that right away!

Guest Books:

I created 3 Guest books. Two of the guest book were with Print Studio.


The Third book I had fun with a little mixed media which works perfectly for  our The Crafter’s Workshop  week!


Wedding DIY5I will show you how I created this altered mixed media book cover using a The Crafter’s Workshop stencil later this week. I also used instagram pictures to make banners.IMG_3560

Using Brittany and Christopher’s favourite quotes, I used Rhonna Farrer’s and the Print Studio app to create these fun little buttons and magnets for the wedding guests. IMG_5620

  Plus, I had fun with M & M’s. How cool do these look!? I didn’t want to eat them!!



We made CUPCAKES! Ashley and Jessica baked lots of chocolate cupcakes and I baked lots of vanilla ones.


Then I looked at them and thought ‘Oh goodness, how are we going to ice them?” Thank goodness for wonderful visiting teachers that out of the blue just call you up and say that they are stopping by to ice LOTS of cupcakes! We had SO much fun! I learnt a lot about icing cupcakes too! IMG_3424IMG_3425IMG_3426IMG_3422


I love my garden. I really, really do. I like seeing what I can make from things I find in it. So, for the open house I used things from the garden to decorate, like sunflowers, apple tree branches that were trimmed off and dried flowers.

IMG_27152014-10-04 14.26.102014-10-04 14.26.06

I made some sunflower and dried flower garlands.IMG_3466

After helping a bit to decorate the Barnwell Chapel we went to meet Christopher who was travelling down from Edmonton for the wedding. He is up in Edmonton taking Engineering. So, the night before the wedding our family spent the night just having fun and being silly. As the kiddos were being goofy, getting ready for bed and having a pillow fight or something I noticed Christopher's wedding tie on his old running shoes by the door. It made my think of all the days when I used to say…Christopher tidy your room, or have you picked up your clothes. And his room was usually quite chaotic. But, this time I didn’t say a word. My heart felt so full just knowing that he was close by and that everyone was giggling and having fun. He has grown into such an amazing man. I am so grateful that he has chosen a path that is making him so incredible happy.


Mr. & Mrs. WeckesserIMG_3656



The WHOLE WECKESSER FAMILY ( Minus Elder Kurt Weckesser who is currently serving a full time mission in Japan and still can’t believe his brother is married!)

IMG_3494My Hubbie. Getting tired of all the photographs! ha! And I wasn’t even taking all of them! IMG_3514OK…In my defence, I tried really, REALLY hard to behave. But sometimes you just have to put rabbit ears behind your son’s head during wedding pictures. I can’t help it! It is just something that must be don’t! Ya, I don’t think the photographer appreciated my sense of humour. *sigh*IMG_3515Organizing everyone! And there was lots of family and friends. AWESOME! That is MY SON! Hee Hee! IMG_3519


Photo Bombing Jessie’s Style!IMG_3522IMG_3547Our little family + one new amazing new member! Just too bad Brittany isn’t shorter! It looks like I am still the shortest one in the Weckesser Clan! IMG_3657IMG_3661

Oma & Aunties taking pictures of all the cousins, minus Elder Kurt.IMG_3660


The Weckesser Cousins, Cardston Alberta Temple



It truly was a wonderful day. I felt SO blessed and I knew my parents were smiling from above!

We are so grateful to all our family and friend who traveled to come and share with us the excitement and joy of the day!

Susan xoxo


I have a WINNER of the spot for the MIXED MEDIA STUDIO with Big Picture Classes that I am apart of. The winner is Charlotte Brochu! CONGRATULATION!!!!!!! Please email me at .

There is still time to enrol for this awesome class. For more information you can visit HERE.


  1. EEK!! SOOOOOO AWESOME! Such a beautiful couple and a gorgeous day for them!! I love reading your commentary, you are a hoot! Congratulations to you all!!
    and Congratulations to Charlotte!

  2. Wow, I was so involved in looking at the wedding photos and then I came to end and I'm reading the winner's name. It took me a minute but then....Hey that's me! LOL! Thanks so much! I've sent you an email!

  3. I just adore you!!! You are fabulous, quirky and beautiful! It's no wonder you have such an awesome family! I loved all the pictures but I had been hoping to see the m&m's for awhile now! lol Thank you for sharing their wedding with us, they are such a cute couple!!

  4. Beautiful....Thanks for sharing the wedding photos.

  5. Oh my word I am so happy for you and your family. Such precious pictures and wonderful memories were made. Love the goodies you worked on for the wedding...those cupcakes looked so yummy. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  6. Love the photo banners! Congrats to you and your family. :) Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.


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