Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fabric, Fabric , Fabric


My new summer quilt still a work in progress!

Besides my paper obsession, I adore fabric! I love all types of fabric, but I have to admit the my favourite is simple cottons that are all decked out in all kinds of lovely whimsical patterns! I LOVE the wonderful colors that fabric come in today! How fun is it to sew up a lovely quite or place mat with some of the beautiful palettes that are available!!!

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!Veggie quilt yesInstead of throwing away my fabric scraps, I love to make them into gifts to give to people. Fabric can put a smile on anyone's  face. You can find so many different fun quilt patterns and designs in the library or on the internet.

20110615_34 So this past month, because I have been busy with kiddos, hubbies, deadlines, work, house, and everything else live throws me, I have found it extremely relaxing to pull out my sewing and have a little 'me' time just to unwind and relax! Plus, I got excited because my own fabric samples that I designed came in that I get to play with next month.

So take a little time for yourself and play with some wonderfully, whimsical color fabric. Trust me…. you will be smiling!

Have a AWESOME day!




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  1. Oh, Susan, I love visiting your blog! Thanks so much for sharing your goodies and your talent with us!!

    Congrats on the design team! That is awesome news!!


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