Friday, August 5, 2016

From Inside The Art Journal of Lynne Mizera

Hello Wonderful World and welcome to All Things Susan Weckesser!  Lynne here today with my August project for the Susan Weckesser creative team where this month we are challenging you to "Explore Your World With New Eyes" and to use your Art Journal to share your findings - this is what I created:
My project today is something a bit different from what I usually make because I am sharing with you a page from my personal Art Journal. 
Now Art Journals are many things to many people, but for me my Art Journal is the place I go to create without barriers, and where I remove all my "should's" and "have to's" and I just make stuff from my heart.  It is private, it is personal and I don't usually share...
but not only am I sharing these finished pages with you today here on the My Sweet Earth blog, but over on My Own Blog I am also sharing the physical and mental artistic process that I go through as I create from this very personal place.
I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my personal Art Journal today and I hope it inspires you to go out and "See Your World With New Eyes" and then to come back and create without boundaries something in your own art journal.

for the Susan Weckesser Creative Team
Susan Weckesser Products used on this project:
Bouquet Card Stock
At Ground Level Unity Stamps
Autumn Grunge Unity Stamps



  1. this is beautiful. makes me want to start art journaling.

  2. Nice job. I need to break mine out again.m

  3. Wow.... You amaze me every day.... The things you create are so diverse and incredible...


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