Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mixed Media Journal

Hi folks, Katy here with my project for this month's mixed media theme. I chose to alter an inexpensive notebook with paints and stamps and a stencil by Susan.

This piece is definitely inspired by a class I took with Kate Crane where we focussed on mark making techniques. Susan's stencil is perfect for this as it contains a ton of different shapes.

How I made it:
1) Paint the cover roughly with magenta, yellow and white paints, mixing as you paint.
2) Work magenta paint through the flower part of the stencil and through some sequin waste.
3) Add zigzag stencilling with yellow paint, circles with white gesso and numbers with black gesso.
4) Add dots in blue. Stamp with lids in white and blue.
5) Stamp the dots in black and the stars also in black.
6) Create a white/blue circle and outline with black pen. Glue a metal butterfly and pen nib to the focal point.

I used these Susan K. Weckesser products:
TCW Doodle Stencil 
Jillian Vance Grunge Fun stamp set

Hope you like my journal!
Katy x

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