Monday, June 15, 2015

A Little Color Equals a lot of Joy

The last few months have been pretty crazy. Some days, I have to admit I feel like I am in a dream. The days swirl by me as I watch so many things come to pass. I try to keep up with my kiddos as their exciting lives explode into so many new adventures. I try to keep a even & delicate balance between family, work. Many times I feel like I am walking I tight tight rope. I don't want to fall off so so I am careful to keep a  balance. Right now my immune system is really out of whack while my body is body fighting this Cancer, so I really make sure that I am getting enough sleep, healthy foods and smiles! It is crazy as I run for this test or that one, and then anxiously wait for results. Many days my saving grace is to go to my studio to work on a piece of art. I can loose myself and relax. Color and art is really SO healing! 
The other day I was finishing up a deadline for an article and I had some paint dobs left on a palette. I started playing with them and before I knew it this appeared. I kinda like it. It really is important that we all embrace our own style whatever it might be! 
(This was painted with Dina Wakley's Acrylic paints from Ranger Ink)
Art and color is fun. We are surrounded be it each and every day! So embrace it and have some fun! Relax and enjoy! 
Have a super awesome a creative day! And if your day starts to get a little stressful take five minutes and do a little paintings or doodling and relax! Life really can be so beautiful!!! 


Susan xo

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  1. I love your style project, and how that coat and hat materialized on the canvas. I agree we must embrace our own style and lives. Take care x


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