Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Art does not define me, it releases me....

 Why Do I Create?
I am a "mind wandering, daydreaming, sensation seeking, and impulsive person" who needs an outlet....and I am sure you can guess what that is..... art . It's more than an activity for me, it's a deep down desire to act on all my inner stream of daydreams and imagination that runs rampart in my head. I actually tell everyone that for me, the style of mixed media is the ADD of artists, I cannot pick one medium, nor one style and on any given moment I am working on approximately 5 you will see from the pictures of my art spaces......yes, spaces.

Where I create:
Craft space #1 is the extra room that some people might use for their guest bedroom. My overnight guest get to use the couch in the den. Nothing is too good for my
Well, it keeps them from staying too long anyway!! HA!

But then I have a tendency to over flow and when that happens I take over my dining room, where I do most of my painting. If you are company you see picture #1, if you are a good friend dropping by then you get version #2 ( keeping it real for my friends, lol )

And last is my new studio that I am renting at the Art MoB, it's a very big step for me and it's both exciting and scary at the same time. Currently, the table I work on is set up for my hand made paper making. While I like being in a studio it is harder to get use to people coming in and out and all the noise. But this has been on my bucket list and I am going to give it one year, but I hope I do well and can stay on longer.

What are my favorite colors?
This has always been a hard one for me to answer, and again I'll blame it on my creative ADD....the answer favorite color is whatever I am currently using. I don't have one set of colors I fall back to, I love every color in the crayon box! And here is a little bit more about a child I adored my crayons. There was nothing more exciting than getting a new box of them and there was nothing more devastating than breaking one too....I can just smell them when I look at this picture!

Here is an art journal page that I created....and I used crayons too!

I began with a sheet of the Bouquet paper and used crayons to write the word art filling up the background. The crayons will create a resist for the next layer. Next I used my KOI water brush and Derwent's Inktense blocks to color over the top of the crayon. Because the crayons are waxy the ink does not adhere to them and they pop out from under the ink.

After that dried, I used my Signo white pen to do some stream of conscious writing, or in this case, I simply copied what I wrote up above in "Why do I create?" Because my writing isn't a focal point but only part of the background I used my broad water brush to smear the white pen writing. If you want any of the crayon words to stand out better then simply go over the crayon with water and blot it off.

Lastly I made wings for my little art fairy by randomly adding acrylic paint to a sheet of Bouquet paper and then once it was dried I stamped some angel wings with ink and then used embossing powder to make them shine. I cut them out and glued my darling little Loveyawholebunches stamp. It's one of Susan's newest releases!! I just love her and the sentiments!


  1. Love your use of crayons and bright color. I'll enjoy following you, I'm sure

  2. Oh it majorly sucks to be me!! Typed this 3 times... I looooooove ur spaces is all I'm gonna repeat again !! Congrats on this opportunity to use your creativity yet another way.!!

  3. Seeing your stuff makes me smile!!! Thanks for the look inside your space!! Congrats on the studio! I really like the girl and the big flowers ... as well as learning more about you!

  4. THis is so cool! Love seeing where you work!

  5. It makes me smile on this cold morning. I love it. I love your fairy; All the bright colors. Just love it.

  6. What a fun post! It is so awesome to see your style and process! Your page looks lovely too, and using crayons as a resist is super duper fun! I agree, there is nothing finer than a new box of crayons, and nothing sadder than breaking one!!

  7. Very cute and cheerful and I love the stamp image, I'd like to purchase one when available!!

  8. Very nice!!! I love that little girl stamp, how adorable is that!. Great page once again Sandee.

  9. My my my what a delight your art is!!
    Give up the girl I love her. ;) Really.
    <3 Betty

  10. Awesome that space too :)

  11. Wonderful spaces you have there will have to look into that paper making looks interesting.. Lol at the version one and 2 of your dining room.. :)

  12. The whole piece comes together beautifully! I love the girl and the sentiments!

  13. Love this post! My crafting overflows from the desk in my bedroom, to the dining room table, to the loungeroom floor, then the bedroom floor, and it is a whopping big mess - I need notice before friends visit, so I can pick up all my spread out embellishments from around the house.....

  14. Love everything I read and all your spaces! lol


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