Monday, June 10, 2013

"Sing Your Song" - Two Mixed Media Canvases

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! Lynne here... GRIN... and I think it is appropriate that for this my second post I am using Susan's "Sing Your Song" stamp set from Unity Stamps, because this is the year that I have embarked upon an ART journey that is allowing me to find my own voice and to sing MY OWN song.

And by that I mean I am learning to trust in myself and my instincts and I am learning that if I listen to that quiet little voice in my head I usually LOVE what I end up with... no matter how crazy it seems at the time.   

Pop dots on a Canvas?? Who KNEW!

So for this project I allowed my little voice free reign and created MY version of two multi-media canvases using Susan's stamps and copic markers and acrylic paint and Dylusion sprays and tissue wrap and tissue paper and stencils and doodling and pop dots and LOTS of modPodge, hence the term "MULTI media"! (grin)

6"x6" canvas

For this second canvas I colored three of the stamped images and re-pieced all the elements to make it work for this 5.5"x7.5" rectangle... COOL HUH!

Who says you can't have SPARKLE on a Canvas!

So this week I am CHALLENGING you to take a stamp set that you love and try something "outside the box"... follow your little voice no matter where it takes you ... and let's just see what happens when you give YOUR "little voice" free reign!   PS: If you are interested in the "how" of my creation process please come visit my blog post at Scrapbook Lynne's!
Scrapbook Lynne (smile)


  1. These are terrific Lynne. So glad that you are listening to your heart and singing your song. I particularly like the second one. She looks like one happy bird!

  2. WOW! These are absolutely stunning!

  3. I love your canvases and I love your "voice" and your "Song" !!
    The colors are so pretty and the details pop !

  4. They are beautiful canvases full of colour and life!!
    Your heart sings a lovely tune!

  5. I absolutely LOVE these canvases. Wow, they are gorgeous!


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