Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Onion Peels Can be Made into BUTTERFLIES

Ice Resin Onion Butterfly 15

What started as a wonderful fun project using ICE Resin® and what people would call ‘kitchen waste’, an onion peel, turned into a fun and magical picture opp. with my 15 year old daughter, Jessica. I had to share it with you, because it truly made my heart fill with happiness today! This is how it all happened…

Ice Resin Onion Butterfly 2

I had made a necklace out of a red onion peel when I was experimenting with ICE Resin®. I always save things from the garden like flowers, seeds, grasses, wasp nests, peels, etc., for my artwork. So when I received  ICE Resin® a while ago a was anxious to see just what I could do with it. Lets just say that is is VERY addicting!!! (In a GOOD way! HA!) Tomorrow if you go to Helmars Blog I will be on there and I use ICE Resin® in another way! Told you…I am ADDICTED!

Anyway…. I got my necklace out, and my kiddos are home this week, so I thought why not have my youngest model this for me. Well, it turned into one giant pillow fight and giggle time! It took a lot more time then I wanted it too…. but you know what? We had fun! We just were being silly!!! Plus, I got some really neat photographs like the one above. BONUS! Sometimes, we just have to take time to LAUGH, be SILLY, and don’t worry about what other people think about us, because when it comes done to it. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your HEALTH, your HAPPINESS, your FAMILY, and your SMILE.

DON’T EVER LOSE YOUR SMILE! Because your smile is SO beautiful! It makes you…YOU!  Besides, if people really, really like you, they will understand no matter what you are going through and they will always be there for you…. NO MATTER WHAT! 

Onions peels CAN be made into Butterflies!

Take a LOOK!

Ice Resin Onion Butterfly 6

Ice Resin Onion Butterfly 5

Ice Resin Onion Butterfly 3

Ice Resin Onion Butterfly 8


Ice Resin Onion Butterfly 4049

Ice Resin Onion Butterfly 9

Ice Resin Onion Butterfly 12

Don’t ever lose the SPARKLE in your eyes and remember….

There is magic everywhere!


Susan xo

photo (46)

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  1. What an interestin - NO inspiring project Susan. And what wonderful photos and memories to share with your daughter.

  2. Awwwwww......I can't believe it!!! Beautiful!!xx

  3. How did I miss this...beautiful post,gorgeous pictures and an amazing creative project..onion peel never looked that good before..!!
    Thank you for sharing your family time,memories to treasure.


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