Monday, April 16, 2012

Have Some Spring Fun with Kuretake.

Live Each Day to the Fullest doodle

The Kuretake design team was challenged to create something with the theme "spring bloom."  I was SO thrilled by this challenge because I ADORE spring! The new life that begins to come up all around us and all the colors that blesses the earth. It is AWESOME!!!

So I took out a mix of Kuretake products and had some  fun creating! I used ZIG Memory Writers, ZIG Art & Graphic, ZIG Writer chalk pastel colours, and ZIG Transparent Watercolor Paints. Then to make the work pop, I outlined it all with the ZIG millennium pen.

Let your soul Grow Poppy final pic

For my whimsical poppy, I had fun using Kuretake's ZIG Pearlescent Watercolors & ZIG Art & Graphic.

  I love using the ZIG WATER COLOUR SYSTEM BRUSH20 with most of my work. It is so practical and easy to use! ZIG Water Colour System BrusH20


Be sure to check out the Kuretake blog so you can see all the artists fantastic artwork!

Thank-you for all the  wonderful comments that you left on my blog on the week-end! How wonderful! It is lovely to see that you are liking my paper, articles & stamps. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!! I know..I am goofy!!! Ok, down to business~ I did that name picker thing again on the computer and the name that popped up was:

My PhotoJessica S. of the United States

"I absolutely adore the idea of going to craft events, scraps, but unfortunately, with a lot of little ones here at home, don't get the opportunity to. I do love to get some of my friends together to craft together though. I guess that is better than nothing, right? "Jessica S


Please email me at .Thank-you everyone for leaving comments and you never know when I just might do that again cause I love making people smile.. It makes me smile! {giggle}

Remember, TrueScrap3 is this week-end & there is still time to join!

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Have a SUPER, AWESOME day!!! And, remember, you are AMAZING!!!




  1. I just adore your work! Love the colors and designs in this one!

  2. Your art is so amazing, Susan. Makes me feel better inside :)

  3. Congrats Jessica. Have a super creative spring filled week everyone!

  4. This is wonderful Susan. I'm a great fan of your work especially your doodles. xx

  5. Thank-you for putting a smile on my face! :)

  6. Congrats on Helmar - I look forward to working with you!

    (I love those water brushes too - LOVE them)


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